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A home to only 21 million people, Australia is the 6th largest island country in the world but also the smallest continent. Australia is the land of opportunities and has been actively encouraging and facilitating migration for many years. It is currently focusing on Professional, Trade or Business peoples who will bring skills to Australia. The country is divided into six states and two territories


New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania


Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory

Visa Programs Available

Since July 2012, the Australian Government has introduced “SkillSelect” which allows skilled workers interested in moving to Australia to be considered for a Skilled Visa. Applicants need to first submit an “Expression of Interest” through SkillSelect to be eligible for Australian Permanent Residency. The following visa programs are pathways under the “General Skilled Migration” scheme:


Skilled Independent

Skilled Nominated

Skilled Regional (Provisional)





Some interesting facts to settle in Australia

  • Job opportunities in Australia are better than many other developed countries. As a result, unemployment rate is low.

  • Highest minimum wages in the world, even those in casual jobs are paid much more than in Europe.

  • Various social benefits like free child education, certain medical facilities, social insurance etc. are being offered by the Australian Government.

  • Being a Commonwealth member country, Permanent Residents/citizens get free access to live & work in various developed countries.

  • Life expectancy is high and stress is relatively low when compared with other countries in the world.

  • Australia is a safe & multicultural country.

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